What We Do

Our core areas of operation stretch from vertebrates and invertebrates conservation and research, sustainable forest management, sustainable agriculture, climate change, and the creation of alternative livelihood schemes for forest fringe communities. Through the alternative livelihood schemes, forest fringe communities’ over-dependence on protected forest reserves for their livelihood is reduced thereby ensuring maximum protection and conservation of protected resources.

We are also into citizen science programs in which we engage school children and community members in biodiversity monitoring and conservation projects. The involvement of citizen scientist in conservation programs increase their social acceptance of our programs and help raise awareness about the functional importance of biodiversity in the regions of our operations.

How We Work

We work by

  • Creating alternative livelihood schemes in forest fringe communities to ensure community over-dependence on forest resources for their livelihood is reduced
  • Advocating for climate-smart agriculture to ensure food security whiles protecting the environment at the same time.
  • Resorting degraded and marginalised landscapes to provide environmental, economic and socio-culture benefits

We do this through community mobilisation, education, field-based implementation of projects, monitoring, research, and disseminating of research findings to policymakers, conservationists, and everyone interested in nature conservation.


Who We Are
Our Team